Rock climbing - 7 Day Rock Climbing Trip

Avantura Adventures is organizing 7 day rock climbing program in Dalmatia, Croatia. Our base is Split, capital of Dalmatia, with huge rock climbing potential for any time of year. We would like to highlight specially winter time which is in Dalmatia maybe the best time to do the climbing trip. Type of the rock in Croatia is mostly limestone.

General information: Avantura Adventures will announce the specific dates (one 7-day-trip per month) on our website after which you can book the trip online!
Note that booking needs to be confirmed with payment of 25% of total charge for each participant by Pay Pal.
Meeting day is Saturday and program starts at Sunday. Organizer awaits the guests at previous arranged place and takes them to accommodation units.

7-day rock climbing program is covering all types of climbers; beginners, recreational climbers, and climbers with advanced level of climbing. For beginners our instructors will provide basic course in rock climbing.

The course content: top-rope climbing, climbing in-lead, belaying, rappel, knots, multi-pitch climbing.

Optional itinerary changes can be done for climbers who prefer bouldering. We have 5-6 great boulder locations and some of those can be part of the program as per guest’s aspirations. Bouldering is possible to organize only at Winter Season Rock Climbing Program due to high temperature in the summer. Deep Water Soloing is a great exchange for bouldering in the Summer Season Rock Climbing Program!